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Coupled with the vast experience of Magnifix team in Linux technology and our own expertise, we are confident to be able to meet the growing needs of local customers, prospects and other partners.

Johnson Khoo
Sales Director
Oracle Malaysia

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Oracle Collaboration Suite

Provide your employees with integrated tools to improve productivity and start managing information like a real corporate asset. What if your Web conferencing, content management, email, voicemail and calendar applications all worked together -- with the ability to store and search information using the power of the Oracle Database? Give employees the tools they need to communicate anywhere using any device, in real time.

With Oracle Collaboration
You will be able to::
  • Enable Business Growth: Integrate people and collaboration with other business applications to drive creativity and innovation.
  • Reduce Costs: Optimize business process with integrated workflow, versioning and approval processing to improve margins and lower TCO by consolidating to a single infrastructure.
  • Reduce Risk and Liability: Massive consolidation of information is the first step to managing assets for corporate compliance.

Oracle Collaboratin Suite Product Edition
Oracle Collaboration Suite offers a comprehensive solution for your collaboration needs. It can be purchased as an integrated suite or any of the following three components can be purchased individually: Oracle Email & Calendar, Oracle Web Conferencing, or Oracle Files. Below are the fuctionalities available in ORACLE COLLABORATION SUITE
  • Web Conferencing :: Collaborate in real-time and maximize business agility at minimum
  • Files :: Content management for the rest of us with integrated workflow.
  • Email :: Manage your email like the rest of your data, in an Oracle database
  • Calendar :: Integrate time management as a solution to better connect your enterprise.
  • Voicemail & Fax :: Don't feel locked-in, escape from proprietary systems.
  • Wireless & Voice :: Integrated wireless alerts and voice access to email, voicemail and appointments to stay connected anywhere, anytime.
  • Ultra Search :: Easily, rapidly and accurately find all enterprise content assets in a single search.
  • Worflow :: (embedded runtime or customization in the context of OCS only *)
  • Portal :: (embedded runtime or customization in the context of OCS only *)
  • Oracle Database EE :: (embedded runtime only *)
  • Oracle Application Server EE :: (embedded runtime only *)
  • Real Application Clusters :: (embedded runtime only *)

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