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Quotation Request Area
If you need any quotation from us please fill in the form below. The form is to make the process become easier for our customers to request for quotation. Our sales representative will contact you or fax/email you the quote once it is completed.
Quotation Request Form
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If you feel you need to talk or contact our Sales representative the information is as below:

Tel: 603 4270 5073 (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday)
Fax: 603 4270 1960
Email: sales@magnifix.com

Product and Services Selection
Choose Any of the below:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux AP
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Standard
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop
Oracle on Linux
WebCT E-Learning
SiteScape Workflow
Sophos Pure Message AntiVirus
Sohos PureMessage Anti-Spam!
Magnifix eShield Firewall
Open Source Thin Client

Sun/Intel Server
Compaq Server/Workstation
Hewlett Packard Server/Workstation
IBM Server/Workstation
Watch Guard Firewall

Linux Services
Standard Installation
Dial-up UUCP Installation and Configuration
Samba Installation and Configuration
DNS/WEB Server Installation and Configuration
Virtual Domain Configuration
Proxy Server Installation and Configuration
Mirroring Installation and Configuration
Firewall Installation and Configuration
Mail Server Installation and Configuration
CCVS Installation and Configuration
MySQL or PostGress Installation
Open Source VPN solution
Oracle on Linux Installation and Configuration
Real Broadcast Server on Linux

High Availibility Clustering Services
Load Balancing Clustering Services
Parallel Processing (Beuwolf) Clustering Services

Digital Certificate Server
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Server

Linux Support Contract
Linux Training

Internet and Intranet Services
Internet Presence Development and Design
Network Consultancy, Development and Design

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